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Shannon is a Discover Your Sacred Gifts certified guide. She loves this work to help people of all backgrounds and faiths become aware of their special, inborn gifts. If you would like an overview of this life changing program simply email her at (Subject Line – Sacred Gifts info request) and she will send you a program overview (so you know the time commitment involved) and 3 sample audios (so you get a “taste” of what it is like/about). The cost is $247 Cdn and you keep the audio and pdfs forever. She also offers small group rates. Since it is digitally delivered and she uses Zoom for her calls with clients, she can work with people anywhere in the world.


Shannon’s Legal Shield site

We have had our membership and Shannon has been a Legal Shield Independent Associate since March 2008 This is available in the US and Canada. Don’t have your will done? Since will preparation is included in the membership it is a very affordable way to get that done. Check out the link to Shannon’s website above and contact me if you want more info.


Shannon’s LifeVantage (Protandim) site¬†We have been taking Protandim since May 2012
The company opened in Canada June 2013.  As a LifeVantage Independent Distributor (worldwide) Shannon has been busy sharing it with everyone (especially those over 50 ;))
Check out an 11 minute video at
And another one HERE


Cozy Nest Executive Guest House
Our “project” in Melville Saskatchewan

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Shannon’s You Tube Channel

Perpetual Detox Tea РShannon and her sister, Valerie have been using this tea since 2010 and also sell it retail and wholesale.  For more info email her at (Subject Line РDetox Tea)

Two facebook groups Shannon has that may be of interest are

Help Yourself Showcase


Collaborative Coaches Community

In 2016 I did a 90 days health challenge (no products, simply changing my food habits and mindset) and my results were amazing!

I “let go of” 25 pounds and many inches

The founder of this program, called WildFit teaches a free 3-part video. He covers things like: the #1 thing required for healthy living that western medicine is NOT telling us, the food industry marketing tactics that are literally brainwashing us, and how to get emotional eating under control, once and for all.
Sign up for the video series here:

Wishing you a healthy body and a long life full of energy and well-being!